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A tribute to Dr. Jack and Boo Monroe

Dr. Jack and Boo Monroe
The Clan Munro Association has been a wonderful family group due in large part to those who made it work in the beginning. Dr. Jack and Boo Monroe were two that made it work. 
It was not just an organization to them but a family joined by heritage. loved ones have told how they became involved due to these two introducing them to the familial love during unexpected times in their lives. 
A visit to Jack and Boo’s home was also an introduction to the clan. These loved ones carried on their work for the future. Those who worked with these two found a determination to make our clan munro work nationwide, as a corporation with by-laws affording tax exempt status and guidance by our present elected officials. 
Jack and Boo did not stop with this effort but put their finances behind the organization to assure stability forever. When we meet and select officers it is due in no small part to the work of our past committees and officers, one of whom was Dr. Jack. in their off time they were instrumental in the work on apartments at Foulis Castle 
Dr. Jack and Boo had a vision.... let us carry it on forever.